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battleROYAL were requested to make a show with the renowned Chamaleon theatre.                           A collaboration to a unique new circus production to the stage in our home city of Berlin.

Brendan Shelper and his company battleROYAL who are known for breath-taking
live events such as the Opening Ceremony for Aarhus’ year as European Capital
of Culture 2017. The cast of PARADE and the creative team behind the production
are both of the highest caliber. Thus, the cast of acrobats includes a
seven-time National Champion in sports acrobatics, for example. The performers
are outfitted by a designer, who worked on such large-scale film projects like
„The Hunger Games“. And the show gains its extraordinary atmosphere through the
video installations of a motion designer, whose experience includes celebrated
live shows like „Das Wunder von Bern“.

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